At Globalwide Electronics Group LLC

We offer counterfeit detection services for our customers benefit.
Our IN HOUSE Capabilities are:

X-Ray inspection: using our state of the art Focal Spot Verifier 90KV.

Decapsulation: De-Lidding of electronics components with Nisene Jet-Etch.

Die Verification: Nikon Eclipse E-200 microscope with digital camera.

Rohs: Weee Verification using XRF Technology.

Micrometer components: Our components are measured using micrometers to inspect size and dimensions. Additionally we verify that the dimensions conform to manufacturer's data sheets.

ESD Standards: We comply with ANSI-ESDS 20.20-1999 standards.

Data Sheet Review: Manufacturers data sheets are reviewed for proper markings and packaging dimensions.

Component Body Inspection: Using a digital microscope equipped with 220x magnification lenses,our inspectors look for any surface defects including sanding, "Black Topping" and other remarking techniques used by counterfeiters to alter the appearance of the part.

Verified Supply Chain: Our entire inventory has been purchased from OEM manufacturers and trusted sources.

Solderability: Using a digital microscope equipped with 220x magnification lenses, our inspectors check for oxidation and foreign residues that may harm the component.

Lead Free (Rohs): The "lead-free" directive (Restriction Of Hazardous Substances) restricts the usage of lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium. We use check swabs PB-2M161 to perform lead free testing. Confirmation cards can be supplied.

Vacuum Sealed & Dry Packing with Desiccant: Product is vacuumed sealed with desiccant.

Documentation and Traceability: All products are digitally photographed and cataloged in our customized software.